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Cantilever Tool Box

Work is lighter and faster when our things are organized. That is absolutely true and we can attest to that with how we arrange our things. The same goes with our tools.


They should be placed in a convenient area that allows easy access when needed. A cantilever tool box can help us with this purpose by housing multi layers of trays in an easy to open box.


A cantilever tool box (sometimes spelled toolbox, as one word) is an important addition to everyone’s garage, shop, or work truck.


Actually, cantilever tool boxes are like any other types of tool boxes where you place your tools in order to protect them from getting lost or from any possible damages.

What makes the cantilever toolbox different is the compartment it holds. When opened, the box will reveal layers of trays that can be used to store various items. That’s the only feature that makes cantilever tool box more useful than other forms of tool boxes.   


 cantilever tool boxes

 cantilever toolboxes

 cantilever tool box

Additionally, cantilever toolbox gives you the ability to group tools according to types. With a regular tool box, you have to mix tools with others in order to keep them. This requires you a lot of your precious time searching for what you need and can even raise your temper. The design of the cantilever tool box eliminates that hassle and actually saves you precious time. 


Grouping similar tools altogether is possible with cantilever tool boxes. With its multilayer tray design, looking for a single tool will only focus you to the right tray. Large and heavy tools can be placed at the center compartment that contains that largest area, while smaller and light tools can be placed on the sides. This solution can actually do more than just a simple arrangement. 


 cantilever tool boxes

 cantilever toolbox

 cantilever toolbox


The use of cantilever toolboxes is not limited to storing tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Wood working materials such as hammers, epoxy, and drill bits can also be stored inside a cantilever tool box without any hassle.  


A cantilever toolbox can come with different numbers of trays in them. A few of these tool boxes are made with only three trays while some are designed to contain up to five trays. Some can even come with up to seven compartments that can be used to contain various tools and materials.


The compartments that divide the cantilever tool box into several internal sections can be a whole tray. Or a tray divided into several smaller boxes for housing small objects such as nails and screws. 


The video above presents a cantilever organizer / tool box from Keter.


Cantilever Toolbox – Buying Considerations 


Before planning to purchase a cantilever toolbox, it is essential that a buyer must know what they plan to store in it. Despite being able to store numerous types of tools, it would actually help organize things when similar tools are stored together. For instance, cabinet tools should be separated from other types of tools such as industrial and mechanical tools. 


The number of trays a cantilever toolbox can contain is another essential part of the item that needs to be checked, since it can only contain certain number of tools. There are cantilever tool boxes that can hold up to 200 hundred tools, as well as smaller ones while some are only able to hold 100 pieces. The more trays present means the more tools a box can hold. 


 cantilever toolboxes

 cantilevering tool box

 cantilever tool box


Consider the material that you want the toolbox to be constructed of. Metals are the most popular, but there are also durable, hard plastics, as well as an occasional wood toolbox that you'll come across, although the latter doesn't typically come with in the cantiliever variety.


The size of the cantilever tool box should also be checked. The size dictates the measurement of the tools that can be stored in the tool box. If large tools are to be stored, then it is just appropriate to aim for larger tool boxes. A 460 x 205 x 230 measure should fit most of industrial materials available in the market. 


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